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Enrollment Opens April 13-27, 2022

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Unboxed University Courses

Enrollment Opens April 13-27, 2022

Branding and Positioning

Branding & Positioning

In Susan's course, you will work through practical exercises to

  • Rethink and Refine Your Brand Positioning
  • Map the Sales Journey to Promote Your Brand Values
  • Apply Your Persona Development to Your Messaging Strategy
  • Apply it All to Develop an Effective Campaign
Alternative Go-to-Market Strategies

Alternative Go-To-Market Strategies 

In Rob's Geller's course, you will gain tactics for thinking through:

  • Pitching to Investors
  • Shifting Your Go-To-Market Message
  • Preparing Your Sales Playbooks
  • Selling Your Building Products Through Amazon
Channel Strategy for Building Materials Certification

Channel Strategy for Building Materials 

In this course with Kevin Dean, you'll learn more about:

  • The Application of Channel Management Strategies
  • The Components of a Successful Channel Program
  • How to Get Your Channel Program Started
  • How to Manage Your Channel Program Over Time
  • How to Measure the Impact of Your Channel Program of Revenues
Value Selling & Handling Objections

Value Selling & Handling Objections

In Mark's Value Selling courses, you'll gain practical skills for

  • Virtual Selling & Digital Prospecting
  • Value Selling & Handling Objections
  • Building Lasting Business Relationships & Increasing Share of Wallet
  • Managerial Activities and Systems to Increase Sales Team Performance
Centralizing _Where to Buy_ Information

Centralizing "Where to Buy" Information

In Joshua Rich's course, you'll receive advice for addressing,

  • How to Get Channel-Wide Adoption from Distributors, Dealers, Contractors, and other Indirect Sellers
  • How to Effectively Manage Lead Capture and Lead Routing
  • How to Leverage MarTech Integrations to Improve Product Locator Usability
Increasing Purchase Preference Among Trade Professionals

Increasing Purchase Preference Among Trade Professionals

In Brian's course, you'll work through exercises to define for your company:

  • How to Build a Contractor Program
  • Which Marketing Strategies to Focus On
  • How to Evolve Your Social Media Strategies to Match Researcher Behaviors

Unboxed University Professors

Susan Milne

Founder | Epiphany Studios

Susan specializes in branding and architectural product positioning to capture the hearts and minds of architects and designers. Enroll in Susan's course to rethink how you are positioning the true (and perceived) value of your architectural products. Susan's course is ideal for all C-Level Executives as well as Marketing and Sales team leads.

Rob Geller

VP Corporate Relations | PromenAid Handrails

Rob didn't mean to get into the world of building products, but that's where the growing market for his innovation was. Because he was new to the building product game, he didn't have to use traditional methods. Check out Rob's course on Alternative Go-To-Market Strategies. Rob's course is ideal for founders and agile startups in the building products space.

Kevin Dean

CEO | ManoByte

Kevin's the guy working to create better business relationships between each stakeholder involved in the sale of your building products. Check out his course on Channel Strategy for Building Materials. Kevin's course is ideal for all C-Level Executives as well as Marketing and Sales team leads.

Mark Allen Roberts

CEO | OTB Sales Solutions

Mark can sniff out the best (& the worst) salespeople on your team and identify better ways for each to improve results. Then comes the work to make your sales team effective with modern selling. Mark's course is ideal for Sales Managers, Internal Sales Teams, and Indirect Sales Reps.

Joshua Rich

Founder | Bullseye Locators

Josh wanted to help companies centralize and manage location content and incorporate that content across multiple consumer facing touch points. So he built Bullseye Locators. Enroll in Josh's course to get a clearer understanding of how providing a "Where to Buy" function in your digital sales process contributes to your revenue potential. Josh's course is ideal for Digital Revenue teams and Website Management teams.

Brian Baker

Director of Marketing | Brava Roof Tile

When it comes to marketing building material categories that are large investments and low frequency purchases, Brian's your guy. Check out his course on leveraging various marketing strategies to increase preference among trade professionals. Brian's course is ideal for Marketing Team leads and CROs.

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