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How To Sell Pool Lighting Systems

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Kevin Dean

Selling pool lights can be difficult on top of an already large ticket item like a pool, but it is something that pool owners will definitely want if you and your indirect sales partners know how to sell it.

There is nothing better than an evening soak in one’s very own pool, but without the proper lighting, your customers might have flashbacks to JAWS movies rather than a tranquil dip. The key is convincing facilities managers and homeowners that not only do they want them, but they need them, and they are worth the expense during the initial pool construction, ideally.

Educating your customers on what is available and all the benefits will help to generate sales and streamline the buyer’s journey. Making sure that your installers (builders/contractors) are educated on how to sell lighting to homeowners and facility managers during the initial build will yield positive results. Rather than having them disappointed because their pool is dark, you will have an end-user who is happy with the post-project result which becomes a positive reflection on your company..

A dedicated website aimed at educating each target segment and highlighting the variety of options will allow you to address specific customer concerns and capture their attention with the many benefits of pool lighting, including:

  • Adding value to a home
  • Increasing pool safety
  • Enhancing yard and pool appeal
  • Create ambiance

Additional Product Points To Address Include:

Cost-Benefit Analysis - Point out to customers the difference between different types of lighting, including:

  • Traditional halogen lighting which is the most common, the most inexpensive, but also the most vulnerable to damage from corrosion and continual maintenance.

  • LED lighting on the other hand provides customers with a lot more options in terms of color and lighting effects, is much more energy-efficient, requires less maintenance, lasts longer, and can easily replace any halogen lighting. 

  • Fiber optics can be convenient to maintain and change bulbs, and they have several options for colors and effects options. On the downside, this is an expensive option for many homeowners as installation is more complex and requires specialized training. Likewise, the installation of fiber optic pool lights requires an external illuminator box and a fan element to cool the bulbs. Like LEDs, the bulbs, while long-lasting (3-7 years), are expensive ($200-400) to replace. With all that in mind, this type of lighting can provide the atmosphere and function homeowners want.

  • Solar lights offer a different option for pool owners who are going green or who want a supplemental light. Fortunately, these lights are easy to install and environmentally friendly. There is no need for electrical connections, drilling, or even emptying out one’s pool. They can be installed in a variety of materials including tile, pebble, and even polyester. The solar lights float and soak up the sun and come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, for a less permanent option.

  • Incandescent lighting is much like older homes’ standard bulbs. They only produce white light, and they don’t have a very long life. To top it off, they aren’t energy efficient. BUT, they are the least expensive and maybe a good way to generate sales today with a retrofit option later. 

Having sales representatives who understand what options are available and what each offers is key. Creating a guide with all the answers to the following options/subtopics will help as well as a sales playbook for your indirect sales partners to use during their sales conversions with property owners/facility managers::

  • Voltage
  • Power
  • Brightness
  • Face rings 
  • Light bulb bases
  • Niche compatibility
  • Above ground vs. in-ground

An in-depth understanding of each choice with the help of strategic promotional materials, including brochures, blogs, videos, and photo galleries that highlight each option's benefits, how to install, and how to maintain the specific product will help all buyers make informed decisions that will lead to satisfied customers and positive reviews.  

IoT Capability - Highlighting LEDs’ smart product capabilities that allow users to control them with the push of a button is a great point for upselling more costly LED lights. This offers convenience and efficiency for homeowners as well as commercial customers and is especially important alongside the blossoming of Smart Home technologies being adopted. 

Increase traffic, engagement, and sales by utilizing your website, YouTube Channel, PRM, and Customer Portal to house informative, search engine optimized articles and videos educating consumers about pool lighting and retrofitting. Start by answering these questions:

  • What is the best light for swimming pools?

  • Are pool lights worth the cost?

  • Are LED pool lights worth it?

  • What is special about a pool light bulb?

  • What depth should pool lights be?

  • How many LED lights do you need in a pool?

  • Can a pool light electrocute you?

  • Can I replace my old halogen lights with LEDs?

  • Can I change in-ground pool lighting options?

  • Do pool lights add value to my property?

LED Pool Lights Business Opportunities

The underwater lighting sector which includes fishing lights as well as pool lights and everything in between is a growing market, with a projected 60 million dollar growth increase over the next three years. Some areas for expansion include:

  • Urbanization efforts with added amenities like swimming pools
  • LED Pool Lighting Replacement Kits
  • Increase in privately built swimming pools continues to rise

In order to capitalize on these business opportunities, pool and lighting manufacturers need to continue investing in educational campaigns, improving online visibility, and streamlining their purchasing and order fulfillment processes.

Next Steps

ManoByte helps manufacturers manage customer and partner relationships, generate product demand through search engine optimized content and strategic promotion while enabling distribution partners to sell more. 



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